A short video from the Chilliwack Society for Community Living explaining how to create Social Capital for people

Social Capital and the Power of Relationships: Al Condeluci at TEDxGrandviewAve

Al Condeluci, Ph.D. has been an advocate, a catalyst for building community capacities, and leader in understanding social culture since 1970. He is the CEO of Community Living and Support Services (CLASS), a community based support system for folks with all types of disabilities in Pittsburgh, PA.

Social Capital: The Value of Relationships

Al Condeluci, PhD from United Cerebral Palsy/CLASS of Pittsburgh speaks from experience on the importance of staying engaged and connected. Dr. Condeluci's father lived with Parkinson's disease.

Building Skills in Self Direction: A resource for service providers

A resource to support service providers in building skills and knowledge in the area of self direction. In this resource participants will see service providers working on the ground with people and management staff giving their reflections on a self directed model of service.

Building Skills in Self Direction: A resource for families and individuals with disabilities

An introduction to the concept of self-direction and aims to help families and individuals in building skills to move to a self-directed model. Service providers and other families share their reflections on self-direction and how it has worked for them. This resource is designed to be practical and provide strategies for families and individuals to begin using now.

Definition of Social Capital (from the CQL)

Social Capital is having trusting relationships that allow you to support one another. You build social capital when you are part of a community. Life happens in the community - not in organizations.