Strategies & Tip Sheets


Community Engagement Planning Tool

This tool is designed for parents, self-advocates and director support staff. It is used to create a community engagement plan for a person with a disabilities.

Tips on Getting Involved in the Community 

This fact sheet overviews the important steps involved in helping a person or child to get involved in community based activities. It reviews the 4-step process of community engagement.

Evaluating Community Venues

Supporting people to connect with others in the community begins with finding the right venue. This tip sheet offers suggestions on how to find places in the community that offer the best opportunity to build social capital.

The Connector    The Researcher    The Maintainer

There are many different roles that staff, family and friends can play in the community building process. These type sheets focus on describing three of the most important roles. These roles include the CONNECTOR, RESEARCHER, and MAINTAINER

Community Membership Scale

This tool helps staff and family identify inclusive opportunities in the community.