Contributing Membership (for Organizations)


Contributing Membership (for Organizations)


Here is your opportunity to become a member of the Interdependence Network! Your membership supports the work of the Interdependence Network to research, publish, and host symposiums on emerging best practices that support meaningful community inclusion for people with disabilities.  Your assistance and partnership is needed for the Network to continue commissioning research projects, publishing white papers on community building efforts, and hosting symposiums that encourage people to debate, discuss, and develop strategies we can take to help people with disabilities to get involved in meaningful ways in the community.

The Interdependence Network (IN) is a collective impact project organized by human service organizations from around the United States, Canada, and Australia. Member agencies are committed to shifting their emphasis from the traditional medical model approach to rehabilitation, to an interdependence model, which builds and fosters social capital and social inclusion within communities as the primary strategy for enabling people with disabilities to become full members of society. 

The Network is now available for individual members. Your membership includes:

1. A copy of Social Capital: The Key to Macro Change,

2. Access to Webinars hosted by Dr. Al Condeluci,

3. Opportunities to contribute on The View from the Field Blog,

4. Access to additional resources and strategies related to community building and social capital, including the Social Capital Inventory, Community Engagement Planning Tool, and more,

5. Access to organizational the self-assessment tool: "What Type of Community is Your Organization Creating?”, and

6. One (1) hour of Live Strategic Planning Webinar/Conference Call with IN Community Building Consultants to review results of "What Type of Community is Your Organization Creating?" organizational self-assessment.

Join our movement today!