IN Values
Al Condeluci


An Interdependence paradigm promotes our commonality, not our differences.  Such an approach does not concentrate on trying to fix or change the person with the disability. Instead, the focus is on helping individuals gain independence by developing and maintaining meaningful social relationships, based on the persons interests and passions. Indeed, relationship-building is a central tenant of this approach and is just as important for well being as traditional rehabilitation. 



The Interdependence Network  identifies and shares emerging best practices that support meaningful community inclusion for people with disabilities.   Our resources include monographs, websites, articles, songs, videos, and other resources that foster our capacity to understand social capital and to implement community building strategies in your life and work. 


Members of the Interdependence Network are available to provide professional develop opportunities for your staff. This include half-day, day, and weeklong trainings. We offer trainings to direct support staff, managers, senior leadership teams, and Board of Directors. Our trainings focus on your organizations needs and provide actionable strategies to improve community engagement. Contact Jeff at for pricing and availability.